Daren Le | Biography


Daren Le is a self-taught creative artist.

He discovered photography in 2007.  He is a self-taught photographer who bought his first digital SLR camera in 2007.  For him, the best way to learn was to go out in the field and study versus sitting in a class or workshop.  And since then, he has honed in his craft and skill as a photographer.

Although, the digital photography era has arrived and is here to stay, Daren has taken a step backward with film photography alongside with digital mediums. "Film has an inherent
and distinctive quality that digital cameras cannot rival. The quality is dynamic range and detail. Film still can capture more detail than any digital camera, especially with medium and large format film, digital cameras' quality still cannot compete against!" says Daren.

Daren is an avid, outdoor adventurer who loves traveling, food and culture.   While out in the field capturing beautiful landscapes, he's listening to techno/dance music but when relaxing at home he's listening to classical music with the likes of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven to name a few.  When not behind the lens, he's probably sleeping or getting chased by a wild animal.



                            EXPLORING THE RUINS OF CAMBODIA.